Don't you love handmades? They're so much better for us all. Let's enjoy the unique products of clever hands.

Yoga Bead Meditation Pendant Chakra 925 Sterling Silver Bale Jewelry Making Beads Handpainted

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Jewelry with Soul Handpainted Yoga Meditation Bead Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Hand Carved Recycled Bovine Bone

  • This is a handmade product from Ubud, Bali. Your bead we wrap with handmade gift box
  • Completely handmade to set off your other jewelry items.This is a way to make your jewelry unique. After it is handcarved from bovine bone ( no animal is killed for this though, it is a by product only), then the pendant is handpainted and signed on the back by the artist. She uses acrylic paints with a clear coating.
  • Not a factory made item. This has been made by cottage industry artists working in their own homes in the hills of Bali.
  • Unique Yoga and meditation themed focus bead pendant
  • Handcrafted jewelry never goes out of fashion but it's beauty increases with age!