Don't you love handmades? They're so much better for us all. Let's enjoy the unique products of clever hands.

Rhino Rhinoceros Animal Black Onyx 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Trendy Punk Men's Fashion Jewelry

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Designed in Bali by Jero Gingsir. Jero Gingsir works with the traditional craftspeople of Bali to bring you very special pieces of sterling silver jewelry, which you won't find any where else. Many of the pieces are based on animal themes, domestic and wild, Asian and African, Sea or Land Creatures. They feature settings of real solid 925 Sterling Silver to hold the carvings and often handpainted by the women artists of Bali.

  • RHINO NECKLACE: Rhinos are like unicorns, real cute unicorns that have curves. What could be trendier for a fashion conscious man or woman?
  • MENS GIFT: a gift to raise awareness of Africa's endangered species by wearing this unique Rhino charm pendant.
  • UNIQUE: This is not mass produced jewelry from a factory - each piece is unique in its own way
  • HANDMADE: Other people sell mass produced jewellery but everything we sell is handmade in the hills of Bali by traditional craftspeople
  • QUALITY: What this means is that you can wear this piece with pride in its origins and certainty in its workmanship. And at a tiny price for its impact! Guaranteed to please. Buy two while they are still available - one for yourself and one for a friend now.